How does the meeri flavored water bottle? Starter set work, and what does it include?

The meeri flavored water bottle starter set is designed to provide a customizable and convenient way to enhance your water-drinking experience. It includes a BPA-free, Tritan-based bottle and a pack of flavor pods. To start using the set, simply select a bottle from our range and pick your preferred flavor pack. The bottle is specially crafted to infuse scents that add a unique taste to your water. The set comes with one bottle and three flavor pods, each capable of flavoring at least 5 liters of water. With the included 3 pods, you are set for over 15 litres of flavored water. By following the recommended daily consumption, a 3 pod package is expected to last around 10 days. Enjoy the freedom to sip and customize your water intake with the meeri flavored water bottle starter set.