How does the meeri flavored water bottle design and functionality impact its usability as a regular water bottle without the scent pods?

The design of the Meeri flavored water bottle incorporates a unique feature where a hole in the straw aligns with a scent puck to infuse fruity aromas into the water. However, this design can also lead to issues when using the water bottle without the scent pods. In the absence of a scent pod covering the hole in the straw, users may experience difficulties in taking a full swig of water, accompanied by gurgling noises. The bottle's functionality as a regular water bottle is compromised without the scent pod to cover this hole, as it affects the suction mechanism required for smooth drinking. Therefore, to use the Meeri flavored water bottle as a regular water bottle without the scent pods, users would need to find an alternative way to cover the hole in the straw to ensure proper functionality for drinking water without interference from the scent infusion mechanism.