Scent Water Bottle: Elevate Your Hydration Experience
Scent Water Bottle: Refreshing Hydration with Aromas
Indulge Your Senses: Scent Water Bottle for Refreshing Hydration
Elevate Your Hydration: Scent Water Bottle for Ultimate Refreshment
Experience Refreshing Aromas: Scent Water Bottle for Hydration
Scent Water Bottle: Enjoy Aromatherapy with Every Sip
Enhance Your Hydration Routine: Scent Water Bottle for Aromatic Refreshment
Scent Water Bottle: Quench Your Thirst with Aromatic Delight
Scent Water Bottle: Elevate Your Hydration with Aromatic Infusions

Scent Water Bottle Top with 7 Pods: Elevate Your Hydration Experience

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Elevate your hydration experience with our portable flavored gym fitness bottle, designed to infuse your drinks with delightful aromas. Ideal for outdoor activities, this reusable scent water bottle offers convenience and freshness on the go.


1. Aromatic Water Experience: Transform your hydration routine with our optional aroma ring _water bottle_, providing a unique and refreshing drinking experience (aroma ring sold separately).

2. Convenient Portability: With its built-in handle, this scent water bottle is easy to carry during sports and outdoor adventures. The one-push release switch ensures quick and effortless access to hydration.

3. Secure Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a reliable locking design, this outdoor sport _water bottle_ prevents spills and leaks, offering worry-free use. Crafted from BPA-free Tritan material, it's safe for your health and the environment.

4. Odor Elimination Techniques: Use the saltwater technique to effectively eliminate odors by cleaning the scent water bottle with dishwashing liquid, filling it with diluted saltwater, and shaking well. Alternatively, place fresh orange peels inside, seal the lid tightly, and rinse thoroughly after half a day.

5. Neutralizing Odors: Employ the milk approach to neutralize unwanted odors by washing the scent water bottle with dishwashing liquid, shaking two spoons of fresh milk evenly, discarding the milk, and thoroughly cleaning the cup.


Capacity: 601ml-700ml
Material: Tritan
Color Options: Blue, Pink, Purple
Capacity: Approximately 650ML
Size: Approx. 260mm x 78mm x 78mm
Net Weight: Approx. 190g

1* Bottle (with 7 pods)