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A labeled metal tank used for storing hydrogen gas, referred to as a "Hydrogen Bottle." - Meeri

Hydrogen Bottle Water | 7th Gen High Stay Refreshed and Energized Shop

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Product Description:
Introducing the High Hydrogen Bottle Water Generator Bottle With Inhalation Kit & Adapter, the latest in portable Hydrogen Bottle technology. This 7th Generation Updating, as of December 20, 2022, brings significant enhancements:

- Upgraded electrode system for Higher Hydrogen production.
- Larger 2200mAh battery for extended use.

Max 6000 PPB Hydrogen Concentration:
This cutting-edge Hydrogen Bottle generator boasts advanced SPE (Solid Poly Electrolytic) + PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) dual-chamber membrane electrode technology. With DuPont N117 ion membrane and Korean Titanium, featuring 8-layers platinum plating coating SPE, it ensures robust pressure resistance and high hydrogen production without harmful gases such as residual chlorine and ozone. 

Health Benefits:
Hydrogen Bottle is easily absorbed by the body, enhancing metabolism and microcirculation. As the world's most potent antioxidant, it effectively combats free radicals, preventing cell oxidation, diseases, and aging while improving skin quality.

Pure Hydrogen Output:
This generator elevates water to a high hydrogen concentration of up to 6000ppb, with an ORP ranging from -300mV to -700mV, depending on local water quality. The use of DUPONT N117 membrane ensures 99.99% pure H2 output, free from chlorine, oxygen, and ozone. It's compatible with various water types, including RO, tap, distilled, filtered, and more.

Main Features:
- Two working modes for super-high hydrogen concentration.
- ORP up to -300mV ~ -700mV for superior antioxidant properties.
- USA-imported DUPONT NAFION-117 ion membrane for enhanced performance.
- 210ml capacity made of BPA-free TRITAN material and aluminum alloy for durability.
- Colorful LED lights for aesthetic appeal.
- Unique LED display/indicator and Type-C charging connector for convenience.
- 1MPa high-pressure structure for efficient hydrogen dissolution.
- Portable design suitable for travel, work, and office use.

Package Includes:
The package includes the Hydrogen Bottle Rich Water Generator, Hydrogen Inhalation Adapter +Tube, small transfer adapter for Mineral Bottle (available for select countries), and a user manual. Note: Charger not included.

Activation and Maintenance:
Before use, activate the DuPont membrane by following the provided instructions. Regular maintenance includes cleaning with citric acid and keeping the membrane moist daily. Avoid exceeding the prescribed number of hydrogen production cycles.

This product is Europe CE and US WEEE certified, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness.

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